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Post-Hurricane(s) Update

Six weeks ago, we were preparing for Hurricane Irma to pass through the Territory as the strongest Category 5 storm that the Atlantic basin had ever seen. In the ensuing month, St John and the rest of the VI have been ravaged by not one, but two Cat 5 storms, and to say that life has changed completely would be an understatement. My new normal involves an entirely different vernacular... marketing and content strategy and development have, at least temporarily, given way to logistics and disaster relief planning in conjunction with Love City Strong, Love for Love City, and the Bloomberg team. As connectivity improves over the next several weeks, Writtenright will be back up and running for existing clients and any local businesses interested in increasing their online presence in the wake of the disaster as the Territory rebuilds. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions. 



St John 00830, USVI