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Summer Reading Project

I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I actually enjoyed summer reading. I loved having a list of “must reads” to get through, as a supplement to my own (voracious) pleasure reading. As I get older, I still find myself reading plenty of books for fun, but I’ve noticed that I sometimes struggle to get through my list of work related and educational book selections. My solution, this year, is to create my own mini summer reading lists. I plan to break it down by month (June, July, and August), three books each month… Not everyone reads at the same pace or with the same frequency, but I hope that, with some modifications, my summer reading journey will be a helpful guide and/or inspiration to some!

Stay tuned tomorrow for June’s list of books and their descriptions, along with my expectations. Then check back at the end of the month for reviews and a wrap up before we start into July’s picks! Whether you want to read more work related books this summer, or more fiction for pleasure, or more non-fiction just for your own edification, I’d be excited to hear about what’s on your reading list, and what you might like to see on mine.



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