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Small Town Social Media

Living on a small island in the Caribbean sometimes begs the question, "is social media really relevant?"

It can be difficult to justify a time commitment when you see many of your customers and potential customers on a daily basis and interact with many of them on a personal level. However, the very familiarity that makes social media seem unnecessary is also the foundation of its indispensability. Routine can effectively render a local business invisible without a comprehensive marketing plan. If a local customer is used to seeing your business every day, it becomes a part of the scenery. Sure, maybe they come in to buy a birthday gift, or stop by every once in a while for a cocktail, but you're hardly capitalizing on their dollars spent. Each of us is guilty (I know I am!) of falling into habits, or ruts, when it comes to the businesses we patronize. Maybe you eat only at the same two restaurants in town, or frequent one bar at the expense of others. Until one day something - a Facebook ad, a relevant Tweet, a blog post, a TripAdvisor review - catches your eye and you visit a new or long forgotten business and think to yourself, "why don't I come here all the time?"

The challenge that small businesses face with social media, no matter what size the town, is that it can be incredibly time consuming. With a small staff, sometimes of just one, it can be difficult to find the necessary time to each platform, and to plot a cohesive strategy across several platforms. Outsourcing your social media marketing or bringing in a consultant to help brainstorm and plan new campaigns can be highly effective tools to maximize your online presence while minimizing your time commitment, thereby freeing you up to deal with other responsibilities, or just to finally make that much deserved trip to the beach!



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